Soccer is a mass phenomenon, a spectacle that excites and electrifies people on all the world’s continents. For many fans, the game is a great passion and sometimes even takes the place of religion. All over the world, soccer players or coaches are idols to so many. Sports are closely woven into numerous areas of […]

Ocotber 7, 7 pm Welcome address: Janusz Czech, artistic manager of A.K.T; Talks with: Ronny Blaschke, journalist, author and presenter, Shary Reeves, presenter and former soccer player and Klaus Theweleit, cultural analyst. Host: Nora Hespers, free-lance journalist and moderator of “Sport inside” Podcast On the night of the vernissage, the exhibition will be open from […]

Finissage in the context of “Alfons & EMMA. Neighborhood Festival at the Enz “ 11 am: Guided tour with artistic director Janusz Czech 3 pm: Guided tour with co-curator Thomas Olze 11 am-6 pm: Artistic action with the Institut für Kritische Verschwörungstheorie (Institute for Critical Conspiracy Theory)

06.05.2022, 7 pm Welcome address by Janusz Czech, artistic director of A.K.T; Discussion with Julia Sophia Schmid, Junge Liste Stuttgart-Mitte, and Nisha Touissant- Teachout, Fridays for Future Stuttgart. Moderation by Eneia Dragomir, agora42 Followed by concert: Valtava, indie/noise/ psychedelic, Stuttgart The exhibition will be open on the evening of the vernissage from 7-10 pm  

In view of the growing threats of environmental and economic crises, the corona pandemic, and the current conflict in Ukraine, in recent years, more and more young people have been raising their voices in order to be heard. Today’s youth movements have surprised and confronted those in power with valid, intelligent content and targeted action. […]