The experimental, research and discourse space for future questions of the
Master of Design and Future Making

The MADLAB offers a platform for the interaction between intuitive production and reflective action. It enables interdisciplinary exchange and thus sets innovation impulses. This enables positions to be developed at the intersection of cultural, economic and social relevance and responsibility.

MADLAB …experimental, research and discourse space for future questions.

MADLAB …Staging ideas and projects and discussing them with interested members of the public.

Master of Design and Future Making

In the Master of Arts in Design & Future Making we move between yesterday, today and tomorrow. In the diverse artistic and design environment of the interdisciplinary programme of the Faculty of Design, limits are to be tested and ideas tried out. We experiment with promising technologies and materials, we test sensual and cognitive s(t)imulations and deal with the myth of “creativity” and its social instrumentalisation. Finally, we address the question of the future and play with the idea that the future is something feasible. What does this mean for our work and our responsibility?

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