Meat the Future

13.12.2019 to 26.01.2020

How will we eat in the future? Will there be only beans, rice and algae burgers on our plates soon? Or insects? By 2050, the world population is expected to grow to 9 billion people. The current methods of meat production and latest consumption patterns cannot meet this demand for animal proteins. The question of alternatives is therefore more urgent than ever. For the exhibition Meat the Future, a team of cooks, designers, engineers and artists developed 30 farmed meat dishes that could be on our plates in the future. Since farmed meat is still in development, the dishes cannot be eaten (yet). However, they can be a starting point to think about and discuss the food culture of the future. Additionally, the exhibition shows further artistic and scientific positions on the topic of meat and related questions.

An exhibition by Cube Design Museum and nextnature network and A.K.T.; with contributions from Devils Apron (Kåre Grundvåg & Trond Ansten) , agora42, “Design – Future – Society” (Faculty of Design at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences), Plumento Foods GmbH, Authorship Ascending Project (AAP)(Trond Anston, Alexander Frohberg, Lukas Giesler), Heinrich Böll Stiftung.