Risikogruppen (high risk groups). An exhibition by Yulia Lokshina

03.07 to 02.08.2020

The current dystopian reality, changed by a virus, reveals the deficits of our society. Ruthlessly we are confronted with our failures and the ambivalence of our past actions. However, the reflexive and childish affirmations of improvement clarify that the real problem lies in the suppression of the challenges of content. At the same time, the longing for a return to old habits seems to be more important than the desire to discuss urgent issues and profound social changes. Yulia Lokshina’s films, videos, and installations address precisely this point. She questions the rule of law, social structure, faith, economy, consumption and social fairness, forcing us to reflect on the current definition of risk groups.

Yulia Lokshina, born in Moscow in 1986, studied documentary film directing at the Munich Academy for Television and Film. She works in the boundaries between film and science at the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft Bonn, as well as in open formations with other artists. Her films have been awarded the Max Ophüls Prize for Documentary Film 2020, the Megaherz Student Award at the Dokfest Munich 2020 and the Starter Filmpreis der Stadt München 2017.

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Opening hours

Thursday until Friday 3- 7 pm
Saturday 3- 9 pm
Sunday 11 am- 7 pm


Please note the following guidelines for visiting the exhibition due to Corona regulations:

A maximum of 20 people can be in the exhibition at the same time. This may result in waiting times. You can register on a waiting list locally and will be notified as soon as a person leaves the exhibition.

Please keep a minimum distance of 1.50 m to other persons in the exhibition rooms.

Please wear a mouth-nose cover in the exhibition rooms.

Thanks for your understanding.