Indide Out Project: Urban Realities

The Inside Out Photobooth truck, part of the global art project “Inside Out” by artist JR, is coming to Pforzheim!

Pforzheim’s urban society is characterized by many interesting and diverse realities of life. Show us yours!

A.K.T; invites the people of Pforzheim to take part in the Inside Out art project. Art is a way of coming into contact with one another and working together to make the people and their stories visible in the neighborhood on the Enz River.

From July 12 to 14, in Theaterstrasse, between EMMA and A.K.T;, everyone is invited to drop by and have their photo taken in the Photobooth truck. The large-format portraits will be printed directly on-site and displayed at EMMA and A.K.T;. The result will be an open museum in an outdoor space that everyone can participate in and help shape.

At the same time as the Inside Out Project, the “Alfons & EMMA community festival on the Enz” will take place at A.K.T; and EMMA, where there will be music, games for children, food and drink; on the EMMA roof terrace, sense collective will offer music from all over the world, and Turkish food and drinks. Everyone is invited to celebrate together!