Keimzellen (Germ cells)


Germ cells are at the core of reproduction. They are responsible for the creation of an embryo and fundamental growth – they provide the basis for life itself. What constitutes life, what interactions make growth possible? Where does the change of perspective and perception serve a deeper understanding, which patterns emerge and how do we locate them? Can we synchronize the different rhythms of biological and technological developments holistically? The insights and knowledge that emerge thus also germinate the possibility of an expanded understanding of risk characteristics and their patterns of emergence. The MADLAB offers current research interfaces from the MADFM to the overarching questions of the exhibitions at the A.K.T;. The works of Anthea Oestreicher, Kevin German and Nina Hanselmann offer insights into their research at that particular point in time – they provide access to their previous findings, which lead to further questions, dialogues and research. The germs are set, growth is created.
MA Design & Future Making Sommer 2020


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