Café Roland: Exhibiton VISUAL POEMS

Exhibition “VISUAL POEMS”.

Exhibition duration: 16.02. – 03.03.2024.

Vernissage: Friday 16.02, 18.00 with book launch and typo raffle


The artist duo Nathalie Franz and Alexander Suvorov continue their exploration of poetic space in art with the volume “Visual Poems”. The exhibition presents the book “Visual Poems”. Nathalie and Alexander work in Karlsruhe harbour; both studied at the Karlsruhe Art Academy.
Arrtist Duo create artworks that are located between painting and object, in which typographic elements build a bridge to visual poetry.

The process of writing one and the same word or sentence in umpteen repetitions brings a meditative aspect to their work, but is at the same time a reduction to the essentials in an almost primitive simplicity, which Eugen Gomringer, the spiritus rector of visual poetry, described as “elementary possibilities of reflection”. In this context, language becomes a “multidimensional field in optical, acoustic and intellectual space.”

A letter on the image carrier can be a surface or a dot. Individual words form a line from a distance and a sound colour can be triggered by the meaning of the word.


BOOK VISUAL POEMS / ARRTIST DUO, Nathalie Franz/Alexander Suvorov, 2023,


Hardcover with embossing, 80 pages, 2 types of paper, 20 by 28 centimetres, special edition: limited, numbered (1 to 50), signed and with an original