Film presentation “Rules on the assembly line, at high speed”

11 am Registration
2 pm  Registration 
5 pm (no places available)
Place: EMMA – Kreativzentrum Pforzheim, Emma-Jaeger-Straße 20, 75175 Pforzheim

“Rules on the assembly line, at high speed”, DE 2020. Regie: Yulia Lokshina. Camera: Zeno Legner, Lilli Pongratz. Production: Isabelle Bertolone, Marius Ehlayil. Cut: Urte Alfs

The film “Rules on the assembly line, at high speed” cautiously draws our attention to what nobody wants to see: The deplorable timelessness of the capitalist system of exploitation manifests itself even in the middle of our society, here clearly illustrated by the example of German slaughterhouses.

A maximum of 15 people per performance is allowed. Registration is required.